Strados Respiratory Care Platform

Transforming respiratory disease management with continuous cough and lung sound capture

  • FDA 510(k) cleared and CE marked
  • Patient and clinician-friendly
  • Clinically validated with over 1.5 million breaths recorded
asthma monitoring device - RESP Biosensor

Technology Overview

Cardiopulmonary diseases such as COPD, asthma and heart failure are among the most difficult diseases to manage, with more than five million patients discharged from the hospital each year and readmission rates often exceeding 20%. The Strados Respiratory Care Platform, which includes our FDA-cleared RESP Biosensor, allows clinicians to objectively monitor lung sound events associated with exacerbations such as coughing and wheezing, enabling earlier interventions, better disease management, and greater continuity of care.

Albert Rizzo, MD | Chief Medical Officer at American Lung Society

What does the RESP Biosensor measure?

Continuous capture of symptoms and parameters associated with exacerbations




Wheeze, Rhonchi & Crackles


Respiratory Rate*

*Not cleared by FDA and for investigational use only.

How our wearable device works

Optimized for inpatient settings and remote patient monitoring 

asthma wearable monitoring device


Device is attached to patient’s chest with adhesive either by clinician or patient 



Lung sound data is transferred via bluetooth to patient mobile app after recording is started



Mobile device transfers data to the cloud and clinician portal, allowing clinical teams to review data and diagnose

Revolutionizing COPD and Asthma Management

 Why this… why now?


  • Studies show patients don’t consistently report early warning sign symptoms such as cough and wheezing
  • Patients report having difficulty identifying onset of acute exacerbations
  • The gold standard for diagnosing COPD and asthma (auscultation with a stethoscope) is limited to in-person visits, prone to interobserver variability and not archivable
  • Spirometry and peak flow meters are prone to user error and only offer ‘snapshots’ of respiratory status
respiratory monitoring devices patient wearing resp

Patient-Centered Design

The RESP Biosensor is small, unobtrusive and hands-free—patients even forget they’re wearing it. ‘Set it and forget it’, our wearable device records lung sounds continuously whether patients are sleeping, working out or enjoying time with family. That translates into more patient compliance and more complete data for clinicians and care teams.

RESP Biosensor is clinically validated. Explore our research!

After the pandemic especially, we know that many patients are not always able to come into the hospital. Having the ability to see and monitor patients remotely with RESP is key.

Sadia Benzaquen, MD

Chair of Pulmonary Critical Care, Einstein Health Network

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