Assess Lung Health from Anywhere, Anytime.

Gain remote and early insight into patient respiratory health with the RESP™ platform – the first FDA-cleared wearable device that continuously captures lung sounds.

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Real-world, Real-time Monitoring of Lung Health

Our respiratory management solution enables real-world, real-time measuring of lung health by harnessing the power of smart sensor technologies. The RESP sensor platform collects and calculates the frequency of wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, as well as respiratory dynamics like rate and excursion for a more holistic picture of each patient’s respiratory heath journey.

The RESP™ device is:

  • Passive and patient-friendly
  • Clinically validated to acquire lung sounds
  • Utilizing proprietary AI algorithms to identify coughing and other adventitious breath sounds such as wheeze, rales, and rhonchi

*Algorithms not part of FDA clearance

RESP sensor platform is the leading pulmonary management solution revolutionizing lung health


It’s now possible to measure lung health anytime, anywhere

Clinically Validated Data
Wireless & Hands Free
Patient-Centered Design
Dynamic Analytics
Historical Biomarkers
Live Lung Acoustics

The world’s only FDA-cleared device that is clinically validated to detect both coughing, wheezing, rhonchi and other adventitious breathing sounds over time without requiring episodic patient intervention.

As demonstrated in several ATS publications, the RESP device can be used continuously and has a much greater sensitivity than intermittent monitoring using an electronic stethoscope. These studies have demonstrated the greater sensitivity of the RESP device compared to the Littman electronic stethoscope.

RESP device offers clinicians a cost-effective, non-invasive and wireless solution that enables early, remote detection of key changes in lung acoustics and ventilation patterns of patients.

It’s a small, unobtrusive, and hands-free biosensor—that many patients forget they are even wearing. The RESP device records and stores every lung sound, whether a patient is sleeping, working out or enjoying time with family.

We designed the RESP device to be non-invasive and comfortable while being easy to use, as it has no wires and is hands-free. This translates into longer wear times and high patient compliance. It also means better data for care teams, clinicians and faster time to diagnosis.

Our clinically validated bioacoustic library of sounds and RESP AI engine is the world’s largest entirely hands-free, clinical-grade dataset enabling Strados Labs to be the standard-bearer of acoustic digital biomarkers for clinical research and respiratory care globally.
Current alternatives can only count coughs, while our proprietary technology acquires stethoscope-quality sounds like wheezing, cough spasms, ronchi, and other adventitious lung sound events (including chest wall movements) without requiring episodic patient intervention.
This is a reliable method to objectively detect and effectively communicate the signs and symptoms of these patients with their care teams, in real time and at low cost.

It also provides continuous recording and identification of respiratory signs and symptoms of interest–allowing a better understanding of the progression of the patient’s respiratory status without auscultation by a clinician.

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