RESP™ Biosensor for Clinical Trials

Supporting sponsors and CROs in collecting respiratory data such as cough and wheeze 

  • FDA 510(k) cleared and CE marked
  • Clinically validated with 46,000+ validated lung events
  • Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) Compatible

Technology Overview

Cough monitoring has been moving away from subjective patient self-reporting in favor of more objective and quantitative measures. As regulators look for more granular cough and lung sound metrics, Strados Labs developed the RESP Biosensor for continuous capture of lung sounds such as cough and wheeze. Our technology offers sponsors focused on respiratory trials the ability to monitor novel respiratory parameters as well as a streamlined, patient-friendly approach for collecting primary and exploratory endpoints.

cough monitoring RESP biosensor

Data Collection Capabilities

Captures multiple parameters associated with respiratory health 



24-hour cough frequency, intensity, spasms, and other parameters


Lung Sounds

 Wheeze, Rhonchi, Crackles


Respiratory Dynamics*

Respiratory rate and activity level

*Not yet cleared by the FDA


Privacy & Security

Designed to protect patient privacy. End-to-end encryption

Wireless Data Sync

Wireless data transfer allows for greater trial efficiency and faster review of results


Lightweight and discreet. Doesn’t alter daily routine and subjects forget they’re wearing it.

 Adherence Reports 

Weekly adherence reports let you know earlier if issues arise.

Optimized for DCTs 

Subjects can stay at home for duration of study without visiting sites. 

Strados™ Clinician Portal

Supported by machine learning* with archivable patient data

Proprietary machine learning algorithms* automatically detect events and lead to faster data review.

*Machine learning algorithms not cleared by FDA

Lung sounds are depicted visually as spectrograms for objective interpretation of events.

RESP Biosensor is clinically validated. Explore our research!

Use the RESP Biosensor for objective cough and lung sound measurement alongside Clario’s clinical trial solutions such as spirometry, DLCO, eCOA, cardiac safety and more. Learn more.

Respiratory trial and cough monitoring success hinges on the ability to obtain more clinically accurate symptom records. This can be achieved at a low-cost and scaled across researcher centers–reducing variability in reports and providing entirely new insights about respiratory status in connection with devices and drugs.


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