Lung Acoustic Biomarkers for Better Health

Gain real-world, objective insight into patient respiratory health and symptoms including cough and wheeze

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Measure What Matters to Patients

Patient self-reporting of symptoms such as coughing and wheezing, while valuable, is subjective and often fails to capture important clinical context. Strados Labs is focused on making respiratory symptoms objective and quantifiable to enhance respiratory disease management and research.


Manage Lung health from hospital to home with real-time monitoring of symptoms.

Life Sciences

Use the RESP Biosensor to measure primary and exploratory endpoints in clinical trials

How It Works

An end to endsolution for remote monitoring of lung health.

RESP® Biosensor

Wearable device continuously measures patient coughing, lung sounds and other measures.

Strados™ Mobile App

Data collected by the RESP Biosensor is transferred via Bluetooth to the companion mobile app.

Strados™ Cloud

Cloud securely stores data and is available for reporting by Strados team of trained annotators supported by machine learning.
Lung Events
Breath Sounds
FDA 510(K) clearances

The Award Winning Technology Revolutionizing Lung Health

Privacy & Security

Incorporates end-to-end encryption and advanced noise filtering for strong patient data privacy.

Designed for Daily Life

Low-burden, discreet design aids patient comfort and compliance while mirroring real-life conditions.

Global Experience

Used in patients and subjects in four continents and 30 languages.

Beyond Cough

Extended capabilities beyond cough frequency include intensity, bouts, lung sounds and activity levels for a fuller understanding of patient health.
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Clinically Validated Accuracy

Validated against gold standards including the Littman 3200 digital stethoscope

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Leicester Cough Questionnaire: An Overview

Leicester Cough Questionnaire: An Overview

The Leicester Cough Questionnaire (LCQ)1 is a self-reporting tool developed by S.S. Birring and others to evaluate the impact of chronic cough on a patient's quality of life. Chronic cough,2 which impacts between 10-20% of the US population,3 is a cough that can last...

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