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Seamlessly Capture Lung Sounds and Clinical Data Points

The life sciences industry benefits from the enhancement of pulmonary care monitoring capabilities the RESP Smart Sensor Platform provides–gaining insight into patient drug response by analysis of longitudinal lung acoustics.

  • 1,000,000 clinically validated pulmonary data points
  • FDA-cleared
  • CE Mark Approved
RESP Clinical Trials

Patient Privacy & Security

Noise cancellation is applied to enhance the signal to noise ratio and eliminate speech discernibility while being HIPAA compliant with an end-to-end encryption.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Data collected is uploaded automatically to the Strados Cloud to allow for timely assessment of recordings with identification of adventitious breath sounds including respiratory dynamics with machine learning algorithms.


Wireless, non-invasive biosensor that monitors, records and stores every lung sound. That translates into longer wear times and an astounding 99.59% patient compliance.

Longitudinal Lung Data

Identification of wheeze, cough and CABS detection gives the objective measurement of these changes over time on a patient and population basis with an ability to differentiate cough types in addition to frequency.

Data Collection Capacity

220 hours of continuous data collection without patient intervention of objective lung sounds and respiratory dynamics while having access to data for post-processing and analysis.

Strados Labs Cough Trial Solution

Beyond Cough Count

RESP Cough Trial Solution (CTS) optimizes chronic cough trials to better capture lung sound biomarkers. RESP allows clinical endpoints for coughs to be captured and show positive results. A portion of these positive results revolve around being able to differentiate between voluntary coughs vs. involuntary coughs to determining if the drug is working as planned. RESP makes that possible.

Cough Monitoring Comparison

Why Choose RESP?
48 hours

48 available hours of recording for “validated cough monitors”


220 hours

220 available hours of RESP identification of coughing and other adventitious breath sounds such as wheeze, rales, and rhonchi

Common Cough Monitoring Challenges

  • Incomplete Recordings (subjects or sites removed early in error)
  • Typically limited to cough count frequency only
  • Lag time from screening assessment to deployment of device to randomize subjects

RESP Solution

  • Allows for identification of coughing and other adventitious breath sounds such as wheeze, rales and rhonchi
  • Ability to differentiate cough types in addition to frequency (e.g., productive, dry cough, spasms, etc.)
  • Small form factor and simple adhesive application to chest wall

A respiratory tool bringing the trial
to the patient

Strados Labs RESP fits perfectly into decentralized trials allowing remote patient access by unlocking lung sound data and putting it into the hands of the entire research team via the cloud. RESP makes decentralized respiratory trials scalable and able to develop entirely new insights about respiratory status without episodic patient interaction.

Wireless biosensor for DCT | Patient-centric | Telemedecine workflow integration | Real-time lung data access

Spectral data and waveform clearly depicts specific respiratory events captured in the Strados Cloud




Respiratory trial success hinges on the ability to obtain more clinically accurate symptoms records. This can be achieved at a low-cost and scaled across researcher centers–reducing variability in reports and  providing entirely new insights about respiratory status in connection with devices and drugs.

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