Respiratory Conditions

Chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma can be monitored by measuring airflow and airway inflammation using tests including spirometry and fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO).  Evidence-based medical guidelines also recommend using signs and symptoms, such as coughs and wheezes, for disease assessment [1].  Lung sound analysis can be used to capture abnormal lung sounds and to assess airway inflammation and airflow [2-6].  The Strados platform is designed for real-time lung sound analysis outside of the laboratory.

Real-world data integration is a growing trend in clinical research efforts. Real-world data capture using Strados wearable technology and digital platform can help improve the quality of data capture, augment patient compliance efforts, and save money on clinical research and data analysis.

Strados offers research insights by integrating respiratory data with other physiological data captured outside of the laboratory.

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